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  • hat overlooked the plain and t▓he Tchernaya valley, on the opposite, or righ▓t,

  • bank of which river rose the ▓Inkerman heights.The more north

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  • erly● of the camps, and therefore that nearest ●the river, was that of the Sec●

  • ond Division, on whose left front la●y “Shell Hill,” bounde


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th the Guards ●1300 strong, and the Light Division●, 1400 strong, about a mile to t●he south.A mile farther off was Bosquet’●s French Division.This was the force that ha▓d th

e task before it of defending the▓ gap between the Careenage Ravine and the Tc▓hernaya against the 35,000 men● which Mentschikoff meant to develop.It turn●ed out to be as difficult for ●him to develop his strength in the narrow spa●ce, as for his adv


ersary to defend it. At 7 ▓a.m.on the 5th November heavy ●Russian batteries opened fir▓e from “Shell Hill.” The piquets fell

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